Living Benefits Life Insurance

Accelerate a portion of your life insurance while you are still alive if you suffer from a critical illness or accident.

Our life insurance with living benefits policy can help protect your family with money for medical bills and lost income. Don't leave time to chance as we are never promised tomorrow. 



of home bankruptcies is caused from medical debt.


Watch Cornelia Steinberg's story how Living Benefits Life Insurance gave her financial peace of mind when she developed colon cancer and was able to get a check for over $300,000 to help cover her bills and more.

How Life Insurance with Living Benefits differs from traditional life insurance?

  • Traditional Life Insurance covers you only when you pass away

  • Life Insurance with Living Benefits protects you while you are still alive and for when you pass away

  • Living Benefits allows you to accelerate a portion of your life insurance policy to cover a critical, chronic or terminal illness or accident (up to 95% of the benefit)

  • Tax free lump sum money to pay a portion or your entire home mortgage

  • Money for medical bills

  • Money for lost income

  • Money for car payments/insurance

  • Money for food and utilities